Posing the right questions to flooring/staging manufacturers can help ensure a better outcome for rental companies. For dance flooring, Kevin Lococo, rental market sales director for Palmer Snyder Furniture Co. (Mequon, Wis.) suggests asking about:

  • Where the product is made. U.S.-made products are less prone to supply chain disruptions and the transportation costs can be lower.
  • If it can be used outside or only indoors.
  • How the panels hold together. “Camlocks are a must,” he says. “We recommend smooth locks as opposed to crank locks. They’ll secure more tightly and reliably than others.”
  • Assembly time, critical in the face of labor shortages. “Ask them how long it takes with two experienced employees,” he advises.
  • If the order can be added to later on. This is important since some companies may need to start with a smaller initial purchase but will want to add more in the future.
  • Cleaning requirements.
  • Durability and longevity.
  • ROI. “What should the rate be? While this varies by region, this can help establish where you should be in your market,” Lococo explains.
  • For staging, in addition to the standard questions about quality, pricing, durability, ROI, etc., Krystle Agler, marketing manager for Bil-Jax® Inc. (Archbold, Ohio), suggests inquiring about:
  • The types of activities the staging will accommodate.
  • The weight it can hold and how high it can go.
  • The amount of bracing needed and when guardrails must be added.
  • If it can be assembled outside.
  • How the different tiers are connected.
  • Accessories available, such as adjustable legs, stairs, guardrails or ramps.