WALS™ are high-quality, portable lightweight, acoustical panels that can be easily positioned to create private areas within a larger open concept space. WALS™ not only provide visual privacy but also help control noisy environments through the use of our patented Revolution® core technology. WALS™ are made of a proprietary lightweight composite core wrapped in layers of acoustic materials. This carefully studied “sandwich” of materials provides optimal acoustic damping in a panel that is remarkably thin. WALS™ are strong and stiff but incredibly light and easy to roll in and out of any space.


Award-winning product!


  • Standard covering materials include:
  • GRADE 1: Bio-Felt (FELT)
  • GRADE 2: Knoll – Tinge (VINYL)
  • GRADE 3: Carnegie – Hashtag (FABRIC)
  • COM also available (ANY TEXTILE)*
  • Tire wheel options available
  • WALS™ Weight 38 Ibs
  • WALS-X™ Weight 50 Ibs
  • 270° hinge allows for creation of enclosed shapes from one product

*must pass fabric tests.

Sizing & Pricing